Acoustic Enclosures: Made up of acoustic panels either of bolted construction or in one piece that can fit over each corresponding unit. Each enclosure is manufactured to our clients’ individual requirements.


Acoustic Louvres: Designed to reduce sound transmission and usually installed into plant room walls. Weatherproofed & complete with bird mesh backing.


Circular Silencers: For installation within air conditioning or ventilation ductwork systems to reduce airflow noise these can be fitted with or without a pod and come in a range of sizes from 315 dia to 1250 dia (other sizes available on request) the end faces will have either rivnuts/hank bushes to match the flange details of any associated fan or spigots if connecting onto spiral or flexible ducting. Melinex Lining can be added as an optional extra in kitchen extract or moist laden air.



Silencers from 100 dia to 315 dia are particularly suitable for terminal equipment or crosstalk applications.


Rectangular Silencers:

Constructed with a galvanised outer casing & 100mm wide side liners & 200mm wide centre splitters packed with sound absorbing mineral wool. Each splitter has a ‘V' nose at one end to deflect the air flow in order to give maximum performance & come with standard 30mm mezz flanges, unless otherwise requested.


Drop-in Silencers:

These ranges of silencers are for roof extract & input units. They are manufactured the same way as the rectangular silencers but have a 75-100mm wide metal flange which sit on the roof kerb to allow for easy installation.


Bend Silencers:

Constructed the same way as the rectangular silencer but includes a 90° turn.


Acoustic Panels:

For positioning around noisy machinery, these are made up of sheet metal channels lined with high density sound absorbent material.


Optional finish:

All our products are made from standard galvanised sheet metal however, other optional finishes are available i.e.: Stainless Steel, Plastisol coated etc.